Designed for Leaders and Decision-makers from OEMs to Suppliers in the Commercial Aviation Suppliers Industry 

SpeedNews is pleased to present its 21st Annual Commercial Aviation Industry Suppliers Conference - Europe, on September 15-16, 2020.

As the Novel Coronavirus continues to cause disruptions around our industry and the globe, the Conference is moving to a virtual platform, utilizing the comfort of your living or work environment.

While COVID-19 makes it unsafe for us to gather face-to-face, we want to make sure you and your organization can receive up-to-date information. In fact, the current state of our environment makes digital transformation even more imperative for all of us.

This virtual event will provide delegates – equipment manufacturers, material suppliers, aviation industry analysts, financial institutions, and marketing executives – with important updates about the commercial aviation industry. Aircraft and engine manufacturers will present status reports on product strategies and market developments. Industry experts will present production and delivery forecasts and review the current economic status of the industry. Supply chain management, maintenance and subcontractor issues will also be addressed.

During the event, you will be able to virtually network with industry peers and develop a valuable network of industry experts, as well as gain knowledge and updates, enabling you to adjust your business plans and strategies.

Topics focus on key components driving the industry

   • Industry views 
   • Market and technology drivers
   • The aviation ecosystem
   • OEM and airline perspectives
   • Tier-one supplier discussions
   • Aero engine developments
   • Aircraft production and delivery forecasts
   • The supply chain landscape
   • Mergers and acquisitions and vertical integration
   • The environment and travel concerns

Who benefits from attending?

   • Strategic planning, marketing executives and business development leaders 
   • Supply chain executives and senior decision makers 
   • Equipment OEMs, sub-tier manufacturers, material and parts suppliers
   • Industry analysts
   • Lessors and financial community members
   • Economic development executives

Please contact Joanna Speed by phone at +1-310-857-7691, if you have any questions about this Conference.


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